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About Us

Websites Victoria BC Creates and builds custom scripted Search Engine Optimized (SEO) responsive websites, ready to go on any device, PC's, Tablets and Smart Phones.

We specialize in building static custom HTML websites that advertize and market your business and service, not only in Victoria but we can do that for you in any city or town in the world.

You can literally have an online presence in just minutes receiving the calls and emails your need for your business. This is great for those that don't know or simply don’t have the time or know what to say.

We can take the website you want, change the phone number and email address to yours then we buy your domain name, forward it to the website you want.  Bob's your uncle.. You’re doing online business TODAY! You will be receiving the calls and emails your need for your company to flourish and grow.

Websites Victoria BC are the only one in the world doing this type business model, these are real websites generating real business in Victoria BC. We are inundated with calls, you should be! All these websites          are ranking well on Google..  Currently we hand the business off to our many happy clients.

We are professional website designers and marketing experts and are owned and operated by                  The Website Store here in Victoria BC Canada.

Don't see a website here that is suited you needs? We will build you one. Most custom websites only take a week or less to complete. 

What can Websites Victoria BC do for you?   We look forward to hearing from you!

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